Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Taylor Hicks

I log on today and read something that makes my day. mentioned me by name in reference to the news that Taylor will calling into Big106 Friday morning it will be broadcast at there site and then he is singing the National Anthem Sunday on NBC. For just an ordinary blogger that is big news, or maybe little things make me happy. Ok enough with the self gloating. Just two days until we get to see another video of Taylor Hicks at Rehearsals. Tayday can’t come soon enough I love seeing the new videos each week. Keeping up with everything Taylor is becoming time consuming he is a very busy man; hopefully he is getting at least a little free time to enjoy his life. One thing is certain though with Taylor Hicks he does what he can to keep fans informed of what is going on. No one can say Taylor Hicks ignores his fans. He even leaves us little audio blogs at Gray Charles site That is so Cool!