Sunday, December 02, 2007

Wishing I would win the Lotto

I have always wanted to visit Graceland, home of Elvis Presley and to see the ocean. I have never managed to do either of these. I buy the Ohio lottery tickets and hope to win big so I can travel around the world and see every landmark I can think of. Ever since Taylor Hicks won AI my places to visit have been added to. I tell my husband I want to go to shows Taylor is doing in other states or to visit Alabama. I have a friend who lives in Alabama and she and I have tried to talk my husband into moving to Alabama. My family and friends know that I play the lottery now and then, hoping to hit it big. My husband told me the other day if I win to first get a real estate agent and to make it one in Alabama because he knows we will probably move there. I couldn’t help but laugh, I guess he finally realizes he may as well accept I am a Taylor fan. He however knows we would probably not move away from Ohio, unless of course my oldest son and his girlfriend agreed to move with us.