Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hannah Montana Tour - The Most Wanted Concert

I said when I first started this blog that I might also cover other musicians. It might seem weird to cover Hannah Montana but right now this girl is all the rage. MY daughter is bugging me every day to get her Hannah Montana tour tickets. I read on Yahoo news that scalpers are getting as high as $3,000 for tickets. A radio station had a contest for fathers to race in high heels to get tickets. Many Father’s showed and raced in the high heels to try and get the tickets. We Soul Patrollers are dedicated to doing what it takes to see Taylor in concert. Parents are dedicated to doing what ever it takes to get their children to see their idol Hannah Montana. My husband would never put on high heels to get me anything. I have a feeling though my little girl could talk Daddy into doing it for her. That’s the way it should be.