Friday, December 14, 2007

Bucky Covington Festival of the Bells

As most of you know not only am I a Taylor Hicks fan, I also like Bucky Covington. He was closer to my area last year than Taylor was so I only managed to see Taylor once, I however saw Bucky 3 times. I have told every body I hope Taylor, Bucky and Kellie all three come near me alot this summer so I can see all three. Well I just got a email alert and July 5th Bucky Covington will be in Hillsboro Ohio at The Festival of The Bells. A few years back we saw Mike Albert, an Elvis impersanator their. We camp at Rocky Fork alot in that area so you can bet I will be there this summer to see Bucky. My concert plans for the summer are starting now I just need Tay to come here.

It's Good to be Us

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