Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Comfortably Enjoying Taylor

As anyone who uses the computer a lot knows, having a comfortable desk and chair makes it a lot better on your back. I am on the PC almost all day and sometimes late into the night. A lot of the time is spent reading, posting and writing about Taylor but I also am a freelance writer and make my living writing online. My Aunt is older now and decided she did not need her executive desks and chair any longer and she just had my Uncle bring them to me. This chair is so comfortable and the desk is huge with lots of storage and space on the desk. I will not only sit a lot more comfortably but I will no longer feel all cooped up with a small desk with all my notes and such. Everything is now neatly organized. This will help with my writing and also make being on the PC so much more enjoyable for my body.