Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Guys Don't Understand

Husbands just do not understand are addiction to seeing Taylor Hicks perform every chance we get. I have only saw Taylor once and that was back in April, I know just a few short months ago. However as any Taylor addict knows once is not enough. My husband figures since I saw him once I should not want to see him again for a long time. He thinks it would just be boring to see the same person over and over again. I have tried telling him if he was to go to one concert he would understand, but nope he isn’t interested. He said he is not fighting to see someone when there will be thousands of women standing in front of him anyway. I even tried telling him about all the fans who have followed him to 15 or more concert, that did not help at all, he said well if your gonna spend that kind of money you might as well buy a Disney vacation home. Guys just don’t understand.