Thursday, June 05, 2008

I need rehab?

Men just do not understand why Taylor has captured the heats of their women. My husband says I need Taylor rehab, says I’m addicted. He thinks there ought to be a Taylor Hicks rehab like there is a drug rehab. I told him drug rehab works because drugs are bad for you and you want to quit them. Taylor is good for the heart and soul and no one, definitely not me, wants to quit Taylor. Like always he just shakes his head. I think one reason men do not understand is because they don’t get involved in anything or anyone the same way a woman does.

We think with our hearts. When we care about something or in this case someone we put our whole heart and our soul into them. We want to see someone we care about succeed in everything they do. If someone says bad things about them especially untrue things we jump to their defense. Men think most times with one part of their body and that affect does not last long. It never lasts as long as someone who is committed with their heart.