Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Taylor Hicks: My Interview With Taylor Hicks

I know many are waiting for me to let them know how my interview with Taylor Hicks went. It is easiest just to post it here than try to post everywhere. Taylor is a very nice person. He answered all my questions so I will have a good article for everyone to read soon. I was very nervous. My hands even started shaking. Taylor told me to not be nervous. Taylor is having a blast and he loves his job. I told him I liked his album had heard it at VH1. He was thrilled to hear this. I cannot give a lot of details right now you will have to wait until the article is ready. Taylor Hicks is just the way we perceive him to. Even though it was over the phone I could tell he is as sweet and sincere as we feel he is. He is as excited over this album as we are and he is very appreciative of The Soul Patrol.