Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Taylor Hicks: Feb5th Radio Release Date

February 5th has been announced at Gray Charles as the release date for Taylor Hicks single “Just to Feel That Way” It has taken a while for this single to be released but I am sure once it hits the air waves it will become a hit. In a talk with VH1 Taylor said this about a video “A video for "Just to Feel That Way" is in the early stages, but Taylor couldn't confirm any details.” So looks like we will be getting to see a Taylor Hicks music video also. We just have to be patient. All good things take a while to create and a good and stable career takes a little while to get there. I would much rather see Taylor’s career start slow and last a long time then start blazing the charts and fade away as so many have done. There are lots of one hit wonders out there. This is not what we want of Taylor Hicks so let’s just watch as his music career blossoms and grows everyday step by step. Taylor has been seen on many TV shows, played golf, showed kindness to those who are longing to be treated with respect and not called Bush Babies. No matter what happens with the charts Taylor Hicks loves his job and he is very happy with what is going on in his life. This is what is important. Being happy with one’s self is what makes life good. Nothing else matters. Below is a little video I created when I saw at Gray Charles “boom impact date radio Feb 5th.”