Thursday, May 10, 2007

Taylor Hicks Columbus Ohio Concert

April 24th I attended my first Taylor Hicks Concert. It was in Columbus Ohio. To say I was impressed does not even correctly describe the night or My Taylor Hicks Concert Experience. One thing that I did notice right off the bat when Taylor came out on stage, keep in mind I was front row standing in the pit area no one was in front of me. I was no more than about 5 feet from Taylor. When he walked out and I was watching him, my first feeling was like I was watching a friend up there living his dream. I saw him smile the whole night. You could see the pure joy on his face. I was entranced at first at just thinking ok I feel like I know him. Yes I know I don’t, not claiming that I do. I am just stating what my initial feelings were. It wasn’t like I was looking at this famous unattainable star. It was like I was watching someone who I cared very much about up there living his dream and I was so happy seeing him doing it.

Now of course after a song or two than the fangirly side kicked in. You can’t help it when Taylor Hicks is up there singing and dancing and jumping all over the stage. He puts so much into each song and he tags it to another great song when you least expect it. Taylor Hicks knows exactly how to grab a audience and shake them up and make sure they do not turn away from him at all. You never know what he is going to do next and you don’t want to take the chance of missing out on something and hearing the crowd go nuts just to realize you missed it.

I learnt one thing. Do not try and spend the concert getting great shots of Taylor. If you do this as I did you will miss things and you do not want this to happen. The next Taylor Hicks Concert I will take a couple shots soon after the concert starts, maybe a couple in the middle and a couple near the end. But other than that the camera will be kept put away so I can thoroughly enjoy watching and hearing Taylor Hicks.

I have written and published My Taylor Hicks Concert Experience, if you would like to read more of what my experience was you can find it here.