Thursday, January 10, 2008

Taylor News

There has been a lot of news going on in the world of Taylor Hicks and the fan base the Soul Patrol. There is a blog out there that wants to help Taylor, they claim. They want to help him by calling him a liar. Saying he lied to his friends, family and his fan base. They claim that he was with a woman and she was a bad seed. A woman who would send all of Taylor’s devoted fans into frenzy and ruin his reputation as God, so they say they are around to tell the truth and to get Taylor to dump the girl that he let take the place of the bad seed. We have been tricked they proclaim.

So what do I think about this? I never thought Taylor Hicks was a God, nor did I think he was so innocent babe that had done no wrong. Did I think some of Taylor’s personality on Idol was an act? Yes of course I did. I believe Taylor is a great person with a good heart. I however do not think he is some perfect man. In the real world there is no such thing as a perfect man. American Idol in many ways is like Survivor. You not only need talent. Which Taylor Hicks has plenty of, you also have to out wit, out play and out last the rest of the competition. There has to be something about the contestant to get American to fall in love with them. Taylor did what was needed to get his voice heard and to stand out from the rest.

Do I think Taylor was with another woman and because she was a bad seed he found a look-alike to take her place? Seems kind of out there to me but who knows what people will do. The point is, does it really matter? If it was to be true would that makes Taylor less talented? I do not like Taylor Hicks because of who he might or might not date, I do not like him because he may or may not tell a lie. None of those things matter. Taylor won me over with his voice and his entertaining ways with performing. So the rest is really pointless. If a singer, actor or anyone was liked only if they were perfect there would be no music or movies to enjoy.

Taylor Hicks went to Asia. He preformed many concerts and appeared on Asian Idol. He was loved and appreciated in Asia. So glad to see Taylor is Taylorizing the rest of the world.

It was also reported that Taylor was dropped from J Records. This report did not report all aspects. New reports and a memo from Taylor at Myspace announce that it was a mutual decision.

Some people also assume that being a fan of Taylor means not supporting other artists from the same season. I for one find this silly. I love Taylor music, he is who I voted for and he is who I wanted to win American Idol. I however also love Bucky Covington and Kellie Pickler. I have actually saw Bucky in concert more than I have Taylor, because Bucky has been in my area more often.

I have a few diamond rings. Each of these rings is valuable. I would not part with any of the 4 rings. But there is one ring that is much more valuable to me. It is the ring that my Father gave my Mother. This is the ring that above all the others means the most to me. However I would also not part with my Grandmothers ring, my wedding ring and the ring that is being saved for my daughter.

So just like with Taylor and other music I enjoy, Taylor is my favorite but I also enjoy and will not give up or feel wrong for enjoying other music.