Sunday, January 27, 2008

Things Change - Sometimes for the better

People are discussing Taylor and the fact he is no longer with JRecords. My sister in law called me to tell me what she thought was new news. Hey Taylor was dropped from his label because he didn’t sell enough. I let her know that it was a mutual agreement with Taylor and JRecords and that I am sure Taylor is on to bigger and better things. I also informed her Taylor Hicks had sold 700,000 CDS and earned 1.9 million on his concerts. To which she said well then why are they saying bad record sells, that doesn’t sound bad to me. Of course I agreed many would love to sell that many. Taylor I am sure no matter what is happy he went from not being known all over to being recognized wherever he is at, he sold 700,000 CDS that’s not counting the sells of his two independent albums, and when he dresses up he can now afford gold cufflinks. I’m sure Taylor loves the way things are going and had some surprises up his sleeve.