Sunday, February 10, 2008

Taylor on Regis and Kelly

It has been a long time it seems since we saw Taylor Hicks back on our television screens. But Friday we finally got to see the Soul Man back again and he was in top notch shape and performance like always.

The ABC television show Regis and Kelly aired Wedding Week 08. Kacy Hardenbrook and Jordan Edsall of Garrett Indiana were the lucky wedding couple. You can read their heart-touching story here. When Jordan was asked who his favorite American Idol was his reply was Taylor Hicks. So thanks to this wonderful couple and The Regis and Kelly Show we were able to see Taylor again, hear is wonderful voice and share in the excitement of beautiful wedding for a truly well deserving couple.

Now the video of Taylor singing The Right Place and dancing with Kelly Rippa can be watched whenever we choose thanks to fans posting them on YouTube. I don’t what makes all this work whether its is fiber optic cables or something else but whatever it is I am so glad we have the internet and ways to almost always view anything we have previously saw on TV. I will be watching these videos a lot in the future along with my other favorites.