Friday, May 16, 2008

Taylor Hicks was on The Today Show

I am sitting here waiting to watch Taylor Hicks on the Today Show. We have already heard the news is that Taylor would be in the Broadway production of Grease he will be playing the role of Teen Angel and be in one scene singing Beauty School Dropout. As soon as I read this news I was thrilled. After posting to my blog last night I went to boards and such and see it is a mixed reaction. Some think it is a bad move, some are worried the critics will attack him and others worry that he will make Broadway a career and may not tour.

Now I am not a physic and I do not know Taylor. But I just don’t think Taylor would ever give up touring. He loves the live audience and singing for them. He has said that many, many times. There are many musicians who have done some Broadway and still put out their CDS and toured.

Grease is a classic; I think this opportunity will be great. More people will get to see Taylor live. We all know that once you see Taylor live you are hooked. There are so many people who go and watch Broadway shows, this will let a lot more people experience Taylor. Plus think about it. Taylor will be gorgeous in that role.

Will the critics give him a fair deal? That is hard to tell. But they rarely do anyway so if they don’t we are used to that. What is important is that Taylor does what he wants to do and gains new fans along the way and I am certain he will gain new fans. This is great it is Taylor Hicks Day in Alabama and Taylor is on TV.

Ok I will finish this post in about 30 minutes after I see Taylor on the Today Show.

SPOILERS AHEAD!!! If you haven’t watched yet and don’t want to know yet then read no FURTHER.

Recap so far at 10:02 EST Kotb and Kathy Lee talking about how nice and cute Taylor is out in the hall. Kathy said she gave him a cookie, joked she offered him vodka but he chose the cookie.

10:12 going to break showed Taylor goofing off on couch and smiling and waving. He looked handsome of course.

10:15 back from break shows Taylor winning AI and now he is on. Ask about Broadway. Taylor says yes the Soul Patrol is about to invade Broadway. Says the Teen Angel part is a little over the top and he is a little over the top. Ask him he to sing Beauty School dropout says have to come to Broadway. Then they talk about Idol some. Last movie he saw Big Fish.

10:20 it is over. Short and sweet. Taylor looked great and seemed very happy about doing Grease.

Ok over and out I need to go to dentist and have a tooth pulled. But at least I got to see Taylor before the pain starts. Great start to a dreaded day.