Sunday, July 13, 2008

Olympics and Taylor Hicks

Today while traveling through the World Wide Web searching for Taylor Hicks news I stumbled across a great find. Tim Morehouse who was on the PBS special a Capital Fourth and is in the Summer Olympics in fencing. Posted about meeting Taylor and how nice he was. After this post of course Tim found out how much the SP appreciates those who have something nice to say about Taylor. He left this post.

The Olympic Twilight Zone: Taylor Hicks and the Soul Patrol!

My life right now is definitely fun, but also surreal, interesting and sometimes bizarre! Things happen leading up to the games that are totally unique. After my July 4 appearance on PBS I published a blog entry on my site as well as my USA Today blog and in it I had a line about meeting one of the American Idols, Taylor Hicks. I wrote that he was a nice guy and some Taylor Hicks fans found it and got really excited and it ended up on several fan forums. Within a day, the hits to my website and blog quadrupled and I have gotten tons of emails wishing me luck from his Soul Patrol! He must have the most loyal fans in the world, and I'm honored that I'll have the Soul Patrol pulling for me in Beijing! Perhaps a new name: Soul and Sword Patrol¨ anyone?

Thank you to all of them for outpouring of support! I hope I can do you all proud! No other Olympian can boast a fan base as unique as mine, from Teach For America to Taylor Hicks fans! Wow! Check out his blog

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