Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shinedowns Sound of Madness

As fans of Taylor Hicks we know how happy we are that Taylor was American Idol. Most of us had no clue who Taylor was and if it was not for AI we would have never gotten to enjoy Taylor. Because of that I have started paying attention to music much different than I did before Taylor. I now listen to friends when they say to check out someone and I go to websites and myspace pages a lot of different artists. I have discovered a lot more music that I enjoy that otherwise I would have never heard.

A friend alerted me to some new music by Shinedown. I went to the site and checked them out. Some of you may also be interested in the music by them. The Sound of Madness is the group’s third album. Their first album in 2003 “Leave a Whisper” went platinum and their second “Us and Them”went Gold. The rockers say this is their boldest effort yet.

The song Devour is a political song inspired the groups visit to Iraq and the writer Smiths feelings towards ending George W. Bush’s presidency. Got to Shinedowns website to see shinedown photos and find shinedown concerts near you.