Friday, December 12, 2008

1 Month on, Has American Idol Learned Anything?

I have been thinking a lot about the woman who committed suicide in front of Paula Abdul’s house. Then Abdul was on Barbara Walters and talked about how she told American Idol she was being stalked by Goodspeed and to please not let her on the show. They let her on anyway for the entertainment value.

As fans of Taylor Hicks we have often noticed the way American Idol has belittled Taylor Hicks and even the fans, by saying America got it wrong. It seems the contestants are not the only ones that American Idol does not care about. Even their own judges do not rate the respect they should. If AI feels it will make good TV no one is above being hurt or embarrassed in the name of so-called “entertainment“.

I am starting to write for another site besides just Associated Content. At this site I covered the Abdul/Goodspeed/Idol triangle.

One Month on, Has American Idol Learned Anything?

by Cindy Wright Reeves, Entertainment Correspondent

It has been one month since Paula Goodspeed committed suicide near American Idol Judge, Paula Abdul's home. Today we ask, has American Idol gone to far just to make 'good TV'?. Because the audition phase of American Idol seems to be more based on making fun of people who feel they have talent, rather than finding great talent itself.

The entertainment factor is what keeps AI showing these horrible auditions and making fun of the contestants. We all know that sometimes making fun of a person can cause that person a huge amount of mental torment, but another big issue with American Idol and it’s decisions on what to air, and who to allow in to audition, that is currently in the news, concerns Paula Abdul and fan/stalker Paula Goodspeed. In February of 2006 Paula Goodspeed auditioned for American Idol. Simon Cowell, as always, was snide because Goodspeed had braces on her teeth, and Simon of course had to say to her that she had so much metal in her mouth, making fun of her. At first, when she walked in, Cowell was commenting about how much she resembled Abdul, which was not true, and Goodspeed told the producers, and the judges, that she was a huge fan of Paula’s, and that she had been drawing Abdul since she was a child.

To read the rest of this piece please go here. Be sure to check out useful links at the bottom of the article to hear Paula on Barbara Walters.

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jerseyirish said...

I usually don't start to really watch until the final 24 because of Simon and his crude remarks. To me this is not good TV, I find no entertainment value in seeing him dehumanize these contestants. You can crtique without destroying their world. I find it disheartening when some are put through to make fun of them, you can tell some of them have problems they should not be put on display like that and them allowed to humiliate them.
I do love to see the talent but do not like the process.
What happened with that young woman again she was put through for their entertainment, I know she had problems but why add to them, that just isn't right.