Saturday, January 26, 2008

Time to get in shape

Seems winter is the time when we all tend to slack off on diets and exercise. Then Spring we have to try and get in shape for summer. I have already got plans for this spring and summer, first is the National Soul Patrol Convention this May then in June we are planning to go to Myrtle Beach July starts a string of Bucky Covington concerts here in Ohio and I am hoping Taylor Hicks shows here in Ohio sometime this spring or summer. Such a short time to get in shape and lose those extra holiday pounds, maybe I better just go get a elliptical machine now and get started.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Help someone

I was alerted to a site today by a friend. The site is pretty cool. Car helps single mothers, orphans, homeless and teen rehab. They are a non-profit company that uses car and other donations to make videos for kids and teens. They have given away over 2.4 million videos. You can donate car, boats, almost anything and you get a tax deduction while helping someone in need. YouTube has a video posted about this great chance to help others view the video here