Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Taylor Hicks: Just to Feel That Way

Taylor Hicks album has great songs on every track of his new CD. I could not possibly choose a favorite as I love them all. My 12 year old daughter though favors “Just to Feel That Way” as her favorite. Her reason is simply “Taylor’s voice sounds the best in that song Mom.” Well my 12 year old like all Taylor Hicks fans has great taste. Taylor’s single release will be “Just to Feel That Way.” It was just announced earlier today at Gray Charles. The exact date isn’t known yet, probably around the end of this month or first part of February. Go to Gray’s to get the whole story. While there make sure to listen to Taylor’s New Message. It will be so great to hear Taylor’s voice on the radio and “Just to Feel That Way” is such a beautiful song. This song will attract many new fans. I can’t wait for each song to release on the Taylor Hicks CD I am sure most of them will become hits in lots of genres.