Monday, January 08, 2007

Taylor Hicks & Elvis Presley

I am a huge fan of both Taylor Hicks and Elvis Presley. I have noticed that many fans of Taylor Hicks are also fans of Elvis Presley. Elvis has been gone for 30 years but the love and devotion of his fans is just as strong as it was when he was alive and Taking Care of Business by giving fans the music and movements they craved. I was a small child when Elvis died but I was a bug fan. Begging my parents to watch his movies everytime they were on and play his records anytime my Mom turned the stereo on. As I grew older I stayed a fan of Elvis. Many friends thought I was to outdated to be such a fan of Elvis when Rick Springfield, Don Henley and Ozzy Osbourne were so popular. But noone ever got into my heart and soul like Elvis did.

That all changed with the 5th season of American Idol and Taylor Hicks. Taylor Hicks fans are as devoted to him as the Fans of Elvis are. Taylor can get a crowd as wrapped up in him as Elvis did. Taylor Hicks fans are as devoted and protective to him as Elvis fans are to him. Elvis had moves that got critics yelling he wasn't any good with those moves but the girls could not get enough of his hip moves. This also holds true with Taylor Hicks. Critics can say Taylor can't dance but we the fans love to see him move.

I have written a poem I hope you enjoy

Rock and Roll and Whomp and Soul

Two Men from the south
Were loved the minute they opened their mouth.
One started many years ago
And even though he has left this world, the love for him has never slowed.

Fans would come from near and far
To see this shining star
To hear the beloved voice that poured from his soul
They followed him where ever he would go.

The girls screamed and yelled and talked about this handsome man
Always craving to touch him or just hold his hand
His fans were his world and he always showed them his love
The devotion from his fans has never slowed, even though he is up above.

The second man, sang A Change is Gonna Come
And he danced and sang his way into the hearts of those watching at home
He showed his love of music and he sang from his Heart and Soul
His legion of fans call themselves The Soul Patrol

Fans come from near and far
To see this emerging star
To hear the beloved voice that comes from his soul
They will follow him wherever he goes

The women scream and Thud over this handsome man
Always talking about his hair, his eyes, his smile and even his hands
His fans are the world to him and he always shows them his love
When he sings the fans swear it’s like the angels singing up above.

Two men from the south
Were loved the minute they opened their mouth
Elvis – The King of Rock and Roll
Taylor – The King of Whomp and Soul


Anonymous said...

There is NO way Hicks can be compared to Elvis....Elvis was and still is the KING....Hicks looks like an old man ..Elvis is second to none. He is the most beautiful,loving,and caring man ever except for Jesus. And of course Jesus is above them all

Anonymous said...

Elvis was an ole man when he died. We only remember him young. I believe that Taylor is as good as Elvis was.
If he looks like an ole man, then I love the look of ole men and when he sings, he makes you feel good. I love his voice.