Friday, January 12, 2007

Taylor Hicks: will show another Video

Here in just a little while we should be able to see another video of Taylor Hicks rehearsing at Rehearsals We thought they might be done with giving us our Hicks Fix but they aren't and I can't wait to see what Taylor Hicks video they have in store for us this time. Also don't forget Gofish has Taylor has there first featured artist so you can go there and view answers by Taylor Hicks from questions fans have submitted and you can submit your own questions. And to another subject Jan 29th I will be interviewing Kellie Pickler via phone. I suspect this will be a fun inerview as Kellie is a very funny girl.


AmyH said...

I forgot RDC was showing a new vid today. Thanks for the heads-up.

And that interview with Kellie is gonna be fun. I just know it. She is hysterical! :)