Thursday, March 08, 2007

Taylor Hicks: National Soul Patrol Convention

Great News! Taylor Hicks fans have gotten together and September 8th 2007 in Birmingham Alabama at Sloss Furnaces we will be having a first National Soul Patrol Convention. This convention is to raise money for Kid One Transport. A Party for the Patrol is coming!

We are Harmony for the Soul fans of Taylor Hicks and as most of you may know we have been working hard to try and get a National Soul Patrol Convention going. The convention has been approved and this year will hopefully be the beginning of what will become an annual National Soul Patrol Convention. As most of you have already heard we were founded with the objective of being a fundraiser for Kid One Transport, a non-profit organization which provides free medical transportation to children and expectant mothers in Alabama, allowing them to receive the essential healthcare and checkups they need and deserve. This is a charity Taylor is very involved in and holds near to his heart. All profits from the convention will go to Kid One Transport.

Plans are currently underway for the convention in Birmingham, Alabama, to be held, September 8th 2007. We are planning multiple activities, a huge musical extravaganza, and a chance for friends old and new to gather and share the common bond of love for an artist and great soul music. Many of us in The Soul Patrol have wanted a place to gather and meet our fellow soul patrollers and see friends we've come to know along the way who share our love of the music and the artists who create it. Provide the soul and they will come. The venue where the convention will be held is Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama. Sloss is a perfect place for the Convention. Sloss has had many Concerts, Festivals, and other special events happen year round there. Party for the Patrol is gong to be huge. We invite you all to come out for a great time, with lots of music and activities and a chance to help Kid One Transport continue to help the kids of Alabama.

Please visit out site Harmony for the Soul at to be kept up to date on all scheduled happenings as they are finalized. We have a forum and much more there.

If you are interested in helping with this event, or want any information please send an email to our secretary at