Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Taylor Hicks: Radio request

Hey Soul Patrol. We are all looking for ways to promote Taylor Hicks and his single Just to feel that way. We all know certain songs are played all the time and some of these songs get very tiresome hearing all the time. Well I have found something that we can all do to help get Taylor Hicks played on Saturdays and Sundays and also get our opinions in on the music we hear too much and the songs we want to hear more of.

Most of us have heard of Open House Party many radio stations play this every Saturday and Sunday. Listeners can call in and request songs they want to hear.

I went to the website and they also have a Rate the Music survey panel that listeners can join and take surveys about music that is played or will be played and you rate the songs you want to hear and those you have heard too much of. You can join the panel hear
How does this help get Taylor played you might be asking? Well for now we can rate the type of music we like which of course in most cases is the type of music Taylor Hicks sings.

You can also write them and request songs, they also schedule artists for interviews and listeners can call in while the artist is there and ask them questions. We can email them and request to hear Just to feel that way and we can also request they try and get Taylor on for an Interview. The address is

On Saturdays and Sundays make sure to call in and request Just to Feel That Way the number is 1-800-669-1010

The stations that have Open House Party are at the end of this blog post.

Here are some interesting faqs I found about Open House Party

Q. How is the music programmed on Open House Party?

A. Unlike any other radio station in the country, Open House Party is programmed 100% by the listeners of the show. We really are THE ALL-REQUEST OPEN HOUSE PARTY! Unlike nearly every radio station, computers are not scheduling all the music in advance. The next song is picked, based on listener requests, usually while the previous song is still being played.

Q. Why is this better?

A. It makes the music immediately responsive to what people want to hear on Saturday or Sunday night when they are in a party mood, not computer generated from sales, radio spin, or callout research which is two weeks old. This allows us to respond to happening, hot new music, while avoiding songs which are tired and burned out. It also is more “organic”, which means the flow and balance of songs is chosen based on sound, rather than computer assigned categories.

Q. What is the number to call to request my favorite song?

A. 1-800-669-1010

Q. How does Open House Party arrange to have all the biggest stars come to the show?

A. Open House Party has a team of people that book guests each week. We work closely with record labels and artist managers. After the artists visit once, they usually want to come back since they have so much fun. The first visit is usually scheduled by the artist management to be 30-45 minutes, but once the artist is in our studio, hanging out with cool people, talking to listeners, and partying they don’t want to leave.

Q. Do the guests ever talk to listeners?

A. Yes! Open House Party loves to have fans talk to their favorite artists as much as possible and the artists love to talk to their fans. Call 800-669-1010 when you hear your favorite artist on the show. If the lines are busy keep trying!

I have joined in the rate the music panel and I hope you all do to. This is the first step in hearing the music we want. The next step of course is to call in every Friday and Saturday night and request Taylor Hicks Just To feel that Way.

Here are the stations that have Open House Party, as you can see there is a station airing it everywhere. Let’s get busy SP.

Aberdeen, SD KBFO 106.7
Abilene, TX KORQ 95.1
Albany, NY WFLY 92.3
Alexandria, LA KBIU 103.7
Alexandria, LA KQID 93.1
Allentown, PA WAEB 104.1
Altoona, PA WGMR 101.1
Athens, OH WXTQ 105.5
Bangor, ME WWBX 97.1
Barre, VT WORK 107.1
Beaumont, TX KQXY 94.1
Beckley, WV WCIR 103.7
Bellefontaine, OH WPKO 98.3
Big Rapids, MI WYBR 102.3
Billings, MO KRSQ 101.7
Birmingham, AL WQEN 103.7
Bismarck, ND KKCT 97.5
Bloomington, IL WBNQ 101.5
Bloomington, IN WBWB 96.7
Boardman, OH WAKZ 95.9
Boise, ID KSAS 103.3
Boston, MA WXKS 107.9
Burlington, VT WXXX 95.5
Canton, OH WZKL 92.5
Cape Cod, MA WRZE 96.3
Cpe Girardeau, MO KYRX 97.3
Chambersburg, PA WEEO 103.7
Champaign, IL WQQB 96.1
Charleston, SC WSSX 95.1
Chattanooga, TN WKXJ 98.1
Cleveland, OH WAKS 96.5
College Station, TX KNDE 95.1
Columbus, GA WCGQ 107.3
Concord, NH WJYY 105.5
Cookeville, TN WGIC 98.5
Corpus Christi, TX KKPN 102.3
Dayton, OH WGTZ 92.9
Des Moines, IA KKDM 107.5
Dodge City, KS KOLS 95.5
Dothan, AL WKMX 106.7
Dubuque, IA KLYV 105.3
Duluth, MN KBMX 107.7
Eau Claire, WI WBIZ 100.7
El Dorado, AR KMRX 96.1
Elizabeth City/Nags Head, NC WZPR 92.3
Elizabethtown, KY WTHX 107.3
Elmira-Corning, NY WLVY 103.7
Erie, PA WRTS 97.1
Escanaba, MI WGLQ 96.3
Eureka, CA KFMI 96.1
Evansville, IN WSTO 93.7
Fargo, ND WDAY 102.9
Farmington, NM KAZX 94.3
Fayetteville, NC WQSM 98.1
Florence, SC WJMX 103.3
Fayetteville, AR KMCK 105.7
Joplin, MO KSYN 92.5
Fort Collins, CO KSME 96.1
Fort Wayne, IN WSHI 106.3
Franklin, NH WFTN 94.1
Fresno, CA KVSR 101.1
Grand Forks, NS KKXL 92.9
Grand Rapids, MI WHTS 105.3
Green Bay-Appleton-Oshkosh. MI WKSZ 95.9
Hanover, NH WGXL 92.3
Harrisonburg, VA WQPO 100.7
Hattiesburg, MS WNSL 100.3
Hibbing, MN WTBX 93.9
Hobart, OK KXZX 96.1
Huntington, WV WKEE 100.5
Huntsville, AL WZYP 104.3
Jackson, MI WKHM 105.3
Jackson, MS WYOY 101.7
Johnstown, PA WYOT 95.5
Elk City, OK KTIJ 98.5
Junction City, KS KJCK 97.5
Kalamazoo, MI WKFR 103.3
Kearney, NE KQKY 105.9
Keene, NH WKNE 103.7
Knoxville, TN WWST 102.1
Lafayette, IN WAZY 96.5
Lake Charles, LA KTSR 92.1
Lancaster, PA WLAN 96.9
Lansing, MI WJIM 97.5
Lawton, OK KMGZ 95.3
Little Rock, AR KLAL 107.7
Macon, GA WMGB 95.1
Marion, VA WZVA 103.5
Madford, OR KIFS 107.5
Melbourne, FL WAOA 107.1
Medford, OR KIFS 107.5
Modesto, CA KHOP 99.1
Mobile, AL WABB 97.5
Montgomery, AL WHHY 101.9
Morgantown, WV WVAQ 101.9
Mt. Pleasant, MI WCFX 95.3
Nashville, TN WRVW 107.5
New Lexington, OH WWJM 105.9
Norfolk, VA WZNR 106.1
Ogdensburg, NY WYSX 100.1
Oklahoma City, OK KJYO 102.7
Olean, NY WMGI 100.7
Paducah, KY WREZ 105.5
Panama City, FL WILN 105.9
Parkersburg, WV WXIL 95.1
Petoskey, MI WKHQ 105.9
Pittsfield, MA WBEC 95.9
Portland, ME WJBQ 97.9
Prestonsburg, KY WQHY 95.5
Princeton, WV WSTG 95.9
Providence, RI WPRO 92.3
Quad Cities, IA KBEA 99.7
Quincy, IL KRRY 100.9
Raleigh, NC WDCG 105.1
Richmond, VA WRVQ 94.5
Roanoke, VA WXLK 92.3
Rochester, MN KROC 106.9
Rockford, IL WZOK 97.5
Rutland, VT WZRT 97.1
Salisbury, MD WDKZ 105.5
San Angelo, TX KIXY 94.7
San Antonio, TX KXXM 96.1
Savannah, GA WAEV 97.3
Selma, AL WALX 100.9
Sheridan, WY KLQQ 104.7
Shreveport, LA KRUF 94.5
Shreveport, LA KSMB 94.5
Sioux City, IA KGLI 95.5
Sioux Falls, SD KKLS 104.7
South Bend, IN WNDV 92.9
South Bend, IN WMXO 101.5
Spencer, IA KDWD 100.1
Springfield, IL WDBR 103.7
Tallahassee, FL WHTF 104.9
Tampa, FL WFLZ 93.3
Toledo, OH WVKS 92.5
Tucson, AZ KRQQ 93.7
Tuscaloosa, AL WZBQ 94.1
Utica, NY WSKS 97.9
Waco, TX KWTX 97.5
Washington, DC WIHT 99.5
Washington, NC WERO 93.3
Waterloo, IA KKHQ 92.3
Waverly, OH WXZQ 100.1
W. Palm Beach, FL WLDI 95.5
Wheeling, WV WOMP 100.5
Wilkes-Barre, PA WBHD 95.7
Wilkes-Barre, PA WBHT 97.1
Williamsport, PA WVRT 97.7
Willimantic, CT WILI 98.3
Wilmington, NC WAZO 107.5
Winchester, VA WKSI 98.3


Historia said...

I know that KISS 106.1 (the most listened to music station in Texas by their claim)uses ratethemusic. Also, some of the AC & Hot Ac stations in Dallas Texas do also. I have been taking surveys from them for over a month now and constantly requesting they play Taylor and JTFTW....I do not think they have, but I do not give up easily.

Cindy Wright said...

Hi Historia

Thanks for commenting Yes we can't give up. We also can make sure to cal into Open House Party Sat and Sun and Request Just to Feel That Way

Evelyn 'Gr8fulheart' said...

This is a great idea! The more options we find, the better to propel our Soul Man up the charts. Thank You for sharing this information with us. Blessings!