Sunday, November 25, 2007

Taylor Hicks Themed Items

Not only am I a Taylor Hicks fan, I’m also a big fan of Elvis Presley. Practically everyone on my Dad’s side is a fan of Elvis. So today I was looking online to find some Elvis Christmas gifts for my aunts. I found a site that sells all kinds of different Elvis Gifts. From purses, hot sauce, makeup mirrors and Zippo lighters to almost anything you can imagine. There are so many items to choose from I could buy my whole family Elvis themed items for every holiday, for a very long time. This got me thinking to Taylor Hicks themed items. There are several already, but I can’t help but wonder will there soon come a day when we will be able to go one website and find almost anything we want with Taylor’s imagine on it? Just a thought for the day, which was going through my head.