Sunday, January 13, 2008

Grey Poupon Mustard Review

(I was asked to try these Grey Poupon Mustards and to give my honest Review)

There are many good things about writing a blog. Such as, getting to voice your opinions about whatever you choose, gaining friends with those that read your blog and also sometimes you may even get products free just to write a review of the product.

A few days ago I received a jar of Grey Poupon Hearty Spicy Brown Mustard and a jar of Harvest Course Ground. When I first opened these jars and looked at the mustard contained in each I was not very impressed. The looks of the mustard especially the Harvest Course Ground does not make a person particularly interested in trying the mustard. But mustards are very thick. The Harvest Course Ground is a thick and chunky. I was asked to write a review of the mustard so I tried both jars.

I also asked my husband and two children to try the mustard. My kids looked at it and neither one would even try it. My husband and I did not like either mustard on a lunchmeat sandwich. The next day I made breaded chicken patty sandwiches and put the Spicy Brown Mustard on everyone’s sandwich. All of us enjoyed the mustard on the chicken sandwich. The spiciness of the mustard gave the chicken and extra zing that was a tasty change to regular mustard.

That night I prepared deviled eggs with our meal and I made a few with the Harvest Course Ground, some with the Hearty Spicy Brown and a few with regular mustard. The ones made with the Harvest Course Ground were not liked by any of us. The Hearty Spicy Brown ones were eaten but not enjoyed as much as the ones with the regular mustard.

Overall the mustard was not a huge hit in my house. The Harvest Spicy Brown will be used on hot sandwiches as this is when it was enjoyed the most. The Harvest Course Ground will probably be given to my brother in law. It was not liked by anyone in my house.