Sunday, January 13, 2008

Taylor Hicks no longer with J Records

Taylor Hicks is no longer with Arista/J records. The boards are in almost in total agreement that this will probably be a good move for Taylor’s career. Taylor can now make his music the way he wants. He will not have to make music that he is told to. But there is one question that many have. If Taylor is not with a major record label how will his music get out to the masses? I will not even claim to know how one goes about getting their music out there when they are independent. But I do know one thing. Even if Taylor does not go back to J Records or sign with another label, his music will still be out there for supporters or Taylor Hicks to purchase. I believe with Taylor doing his next CD the way he wants it will be a bigger hit than the one he did after winning American Idol.

Taylor’s 2 independent CDs before Idol are in huge demand. They are both filled with great songs that really showcase Taylor’s voice and talent. If there is no record label and Taylor is completely independent then it is a directbuy and all profits stay in Taylor’s pocket. That sounds much better to me to know that the money I spend for a CD goes to the artist and not mostly to the record label. Either way it sounds like a win-win situation. As log as I can get Taylor’s music and he gets the money then it all sounds good to me.