Monday, April 14, 2008

New Florida & Country Music Stations on HD Radio

We all have am/fm radio. It is been around for many, many , many years. Some of us also have heard of and may even have satellite radio. Now there is another option to radio reception. Digital radio this is a ground antenna based radio it is a digital version of FM & AM.

There are several cool benefits. They also have new country music stations. They offer iTunes tagging which is great because if you hear a song on the radio you want to download you hit the tag button and the song is able to be downloaded via itunes. That would be great to get any Taylor Hicks songs we hear or any other artist we like. They also have Florida High Definition Radio stations or any area you want.

With digital radio you will have crystal clear sound and it is a free service. You get More free music, news, sports and weather, New genres, new music formats, Artist name and song title on your radio screen via text-on-the-screen and much more.

Sounds great to me and I can’t wait to get it. A better way to enjoy the music I like not just the music the radio stations want me to like.