Sunday, April 20, 2008

Taylor Hicks Media - How to save it

My computer is so full with Taylor Hicks music from his two pre-idol CDS In Your Time, Under The Radar and the new CD Taylor Hicks, plus videos from every television appearance, live concert shots, interviews, just anything you can think of. Plus I still have the season finale of American Idol the year Taylor won and pictures that take up more space than I would have ever have imagined. I decided it was time to start saving these of CD and DVD and get my computer cleaned up some.

This is turning out to be a huge task. I have already filled 3 CDS and haven’t even made a dent in what I have. I am sure that almost Taylor Hicks fan has the same dilemma. I also have started thinking about how easy CDS and DVDs seem to get scratched and you end up loosing the data on them. I think my best bet is to use those usb flash drives memory stick thingys. I found a site where you can get them personalized with your company logo. I think you have order at least a 100. I do not need that many but it gave me an idea to look around and see if I can just a couple with what logo I want on them. It would be cool to have some with a pick of Taylor or Soul Patrol written on them to put on the media of Taylor Hicks that I have on. They could also make great gifts for other Taylor Hicks fans. If anyone knows where I can get something like this done please let me know.