Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Blogging Makes Me Happy!

I have always loved to write. Some people write and keep their writings to themselves. I have always been the opposite. I have always loved to share my writings with everyone. I wanted their opinions good or bad. Now of course the good is what I have always thrived for but I also know that constructive criticism builds a better writer it also builds a tougher skin.

My writings, for most of life, well until my twenties at least, were always in tablets and diaries. Then I discovered the internet. I started sharing my poetry on forums at first. Then after a few years and actually after I discovered singer/musician Taylor Hicks I discovered the joy of blogging.

Blogging makes me happy because I can share my thoughts and opinions with millions through the World Wide Web. I have made a lot of great friends because of blogging, friends who share the same taste in music and other things as I do.

After a while I discovered I could also make a little bit of money with my blogs. I love writing, making friends and then discovering ways to make money doing what I love to do anyway this makes paid blogging one of the best ideas ever. Sure there are some places that are a joke and you need to avoid, but there are others that truly are worth any bloggers time to check out I mean gee we write all the time anyway about what is going on in our life or the life of the subject of the blog in my case. Might as well make a few bucks doing it.

I have read others opinions about how paid blogging is so bad. That isn’t so if you just watch the company you get in with. I love to write and I love to make money. Paid blogging is a win-win for me.

Blogging makes me happy because I can write about anything I choose, just so happens for this blog I choose Taylor Hicks. Paid blogging makes me happy because I can pay a bill or two, buy groceries or just have some fun with the extra income coming in.

Some ask will I ever stop blogging. The answer is no. Now if you ask if the subject matter will always be the same that I do not know. We never know what may spark our interest in the future but I know one thing I will always be blogging about something or another. Because blogging makes me happy and paid blogging is an extra plus as it pays the bills and gives me some extra money for fun and relaxation.

Please watch my video below Blogging Makes me Happy and let me know what you think.