Sunday, May 04, 2008

Taylor Hicks on American Idol - Let's hope it isn't just a rumor

We all have all been craving to see Taylor Hicks again. We need our Tay fix and we aren’t afraid to admit we need that fix. Taylor has been here and there from singing the National Anthem to being in Kentucky for the Kentucky Derby. There are events coming up this weekend but we crave more and more.

It is rumored that Taylor may be appearing in American Idol wither this week or next and the fan boards are all excited at the chance to see Taylor perform once on again on the American Idol stage. I have not been watching AI this season but I will tune in if Taylor is on.

Hopefully Taylor will sing a new song from his upcoming CD and announce a date for it to be released. For all of you nay sayers or say Taylor can not sing or looks goofy please get a hearing aid and eyeglasses. If you already have these than please get to the doctor quick, because they messed up your prescription.