Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Taylor Hicks A Capital Fourth

Friday night the 4th of July I knew Taylor Hicks was to e on PBS on the Capital Fourth. We were out celebrating the 4th and I completley forgot iot was on. After we returned home around 1 am I turned the tv on and Hewy Lewis was singing. I was very happy to see the show was and hoped I had not missed Taylor. Hewy Lewis rocked the show and wailed on the harp. I really enjoyed seeing and Hewy Lewis again but I was waitinf for Taylor.

My husband earlier had been complaining about how he didn’t like Taylor and he wasn’t any good. ( He only doesn’t like Taylor when he is drinking. So anyway a few minutes later Taylor Hicks comes on the stage. He started with Soul Thing it was an amazing version and I loved it I was having a great time and then He sings Bruce’s Dancing in the Dark and he was really rocking it. I looked over at my husband and he was smiling and really enjoying the show. He admitted Taylor did an awesome job and it was a great thing for his career and said a lot for his talent to be chosen to be on the show and in between Hewy Lewis and Jerry Lewis. You tube has all the videos of the night. I have listened to them over and over so glad to have new Bluetooth stereo headsets. Now I am just trying to figure how to save this great video to DVD.

Taylor whomped The Capital Fourth!