Monday, July 07, 2008

Bucky Covington Concert July 5th 2008

I haven’t been able to see Taylor Hicks in Grease. But Saturday night I attended a Bucky Covington concert. It was my 3rd concert so far. The first of this year, it was also my first opportunity for a meet and greet with Bucky. I was notified early last week that I got a meet greet.

My husband and son and my 13 year old daughter went with me to the concert. My daughter and I had ordered and created some personalized gifts to give to Bucky. I have always loved to give these type of gifts to people something that is just for them. The concert was to start at 9 pm. This was an outdoor concert and you were to bring your own chairs. It was right in the center of Hillsboro on the street. We had plans to meet up with a friend from I met at Bucky’s fan site. This would be our first time meeting in person and we going to up calm each others nerves before the meet and greet. Something came up with her son and she was not able to attend though. We will meet though at another show sometime I am sure.

So anyway we get to where Bucky is going to perform and we set our chairs up. Even though we were about 5 hours early we still ended up seating back pretty far from the stage but it was a good spot just not as great I had wanted. So we went around exploring the festival and the sights and sounds of the festival.

A little while later we came back to where our seats were. We were sitting there talking and I noticed a bus with a trailer hooked up to it. It was a bus with Zippo designs. I remembered that Zippo sponsors Bucky so of course that meant Bucky had arrived.

A little while later I got my meet and greet pass and was told the time and place. I only had one pass and wanted my daughter to use it but she was too scared to meet Bucky with out me so she refused to go. I went ahead to get in the line. While standing in line a guy told me he had a spare pass and to call my little girl and tell her to come up she could use it. So I got her up there and put her in line ahead of me.

The doors opened and every one was taken inside to start the meet greet. My daughter’s turn came up and she started towards Bucky and he said Hi sweety but then she was stopped for a second while one of the sponsors who went ahead f the fan club got their picture with Bucky. Then they told her just one more second while they took another picture. Finally they told her to go ahead. Bucky laughed and said Hey sweety starting to feel like we’re best friends. She laughed and handed him her gift. Bucky looked at it and told her was really nice and thanked her.

He sat it down and she got her picture with Bucky.

Then it was my turn. Bucky saw the shirt I had on and said I have to say I am loving those shirts.

I handed him the gift of a DVD I had created for him. He said So tell me what is on this? I said Well when I interviewed you awhile back I asked if you could duet with anyone who would it be? You mentioned Elvis as one. So this is you and Elvis doing a duet he smiled real big and said That is awesome I will definitely have to watch this. Then the picture was taken. ( major time for a diet now)

The concert was Amazing as always. Bucky sang American Friday Nights, I’m Good (got a little girl onstage with him during this one) I’ll Walk, The Bible and the Belt, Suspicious Minds (Elvis) Bucky and Rocky sang Seven Spanish Angels (Willie Nelson) Another Brick in the Wall ( Pink Floyd) Keep Your Hands to Yourself, during this song Bucky is playing the hell out of the guitar with another guitar player (don’t remember his name) and while he is doing that Rocky comes up and grabs the mic off the stand. Bucky comes back to where the mic is supposed to be and points at it. Rocky comes back with it starts singing the song. It was a very funny moment. You can just tell those two our loving doing this and being together. For those who may not know Rocky is Bucky’s twin and is the drummer. I know there is other songs I have left out but its 2:30 amd my mind is a little fuzzy.

I had an amazing time and will probably be attending a show again July 31st.

Here are some pics from show.Click to see them better

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