Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Taylor Hicks Early Works Remastered

It hit Target stores today. Taylor Hicks newest CD is his Early Works. It is a Target exclusive. Fans of Taylor Hicks are already familiar with the songs on his newest CD has they are from his pre-idol CDS, In Your Time and Under the Radar. The songs have been re-mastered and reports from those who have the CD already is that the songs are crisp and clear and the music is softer making Taylor’s voice much more clear. That is a good thing.

Other news is the album is from Taylor’s independent label, Modern Whomp Records it was distributed through the Welk Music Group.

Songs on the CD include “Soul Thing,” “The Fall,” “Hold On to Your Love,” “The Deal,” “Heart and Soul,” “In Your Time,” “West Texas Sky,” “Somehow,” “Tighten Up,” “Son of a Carpenter,” “My Friend” and “Georgia. Georgia is a cover of a beautiful Ray Charles and Taylor’s version is just as beautiful. I love all the songs on the previous CDs and cannot wait to get my copy of the re-mastered music. Just my luck that my area does not have a Target close. Maybe this weekend I can find a Target.
By the way, a FYI, Early Works is on sale this week for $9.98 so go out and get yours today.

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