Thursday, August 21, 2008

What do the Olympics and Tim Morehouse have to do with Taylor Hicks... Not Much... BUT....

I don’t follow the Olympics. I never have been interested in sports. However, I just remembered about a Tim Morehouse who had blogged about meeting Taylor Hicks at The July 4th celebration A Capital Fourth. He blogged about how nice Taylor was. I decided to check up on Tim and see how he is doing in the Olympics; I wanted to see if he won any trophies. Yea now I know they win medals, I told you I don’t know anything about the Olympics. So anyway here is what I found.

The 2008 USA Olympic fencing Team, US Men's Saber Team consisting of Tim Morehouse, Jason Rogers, Keith Smart and James Williams finished with the silver medal after a dramatic series of extremely close 45-44 bouts propelled Team USA to the championship bout. The US lost to France 45-37 in the championship bout, but this was still the first American medal in men's fencing since the 1984 Olympics.
Congrats Tim!!