Thursday, August 21, 2008

Virtual Taylor Hicks Tour

I don’t know about the rest of you but when I am bored I like to just type random things into search engines and see what comes up. I have taken virtual tours online of museums, vacation destinations and much more. So today I decided to type in “take a virtual tour of Taylor Hicks.” Yea I know silly but oh well. So anyway what came up wasn’t virtual Taylor Hicks tours of course. But I found a link that did relate to me in a way. Here is what u will see with those keywords.

How it related back to me is by clicking on the link Take a virtual tour to the unique colonial town of Santa Domingo Dominic Republic. It is a link that goes to Associated Content where I also write at. What was interesting to me was the links under other useful results. My article “Taylor Hicks Tour Experience Part 1” is listed there. That link isn’t useful to someone interested in Santa Domingo but it is cool that all those who see the video will also see a link to a Taylor Hicks article. Hey there is all kinds of ways to get new fans.

Now-a-days anywhere we drive to we need auto insurance. So umm when going on a virtual tour should we have auto insurance online. Hey sorry it is one of those days.