Sunday, December 28, 2008

Indie Music

I have become very interested over the past couple years in learning more about Indie Music. The interest started when I discovered Taylor Hicks and realized that if it was not for American Idol I would have never heard his soulful voice and I would have never become some interested in music as I am now. I would have missed out on discovering other great musicians also. That brings me to another great Indie artist I discovered and interviewed around a year ago, Judd Starr I now consider Judd a friend and with following the careers of Judd and Taylor I am always reading about the Indie scene. A little while ago I read a article that I like very much.

It talks about the History of Indie music and a couple excepts I like a lot from the piece are these.

1) the Internet has provided a way to get the music out to fans that has never before been attempted. The result is accessible, quality music in almost every conceivable drama.

2) Two definitions of Indie music are
A) Established in the ’90s; an indie act is any one that is not signed on with the big three labels.

B) Another way to define the indie scene is in comparison to the acts signed by big labels, and played on the radio.

They go on to say that any recent listen to a local station should alarm music fans everywhere: the same artists or style of music is played over and over again, on every single radio station. Big labels laud themselves for being a mix, but the truth is there is a lot of R&B, even more pop, and a few dozen acts considered "rock" thrown in to appease those who do not know better. Fans who do not like the feeling of wanting to stick augers in their ears have turned en masse to the potential of the internet.

And the excerpt I like most is “ Perhaps now more than ever before, music has the opportunity to truly be judged (for the first time by both sides) by the quality instead of by the amount of sales.” I find this especially true for Judd Starr and Taylor Hicks and I am sure many, many more that I have yet to discover. But with Taylor and Judd I feel the quality of the music they make and the connection they have to their fans says it all. Read the rest of the article here.

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