Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Taylor Hicks 2008 The Year in Review

2008 brought some great Taylor Hicks new for fans. Taylor kept busy taking his career in new and bigger levels. I am sure I have missed some happenings so please leave comments of anything you know I have missed and I will get it added to the list.

January 2008 In the first couple weeks of January 2008 Taylor parted ways with Arista records.
Now at the start of 2009 with Taylor having his own label, Modern Whomp Records and partnering with Arttist2Market, Taylor Hicks has total control of his new album due out in March and he can create the kind of album that he wants. I am sure 2009 is going to be a great year for Taylor.

February 8 2008 Regis and Kelly aired Wedding Week 08. Kacy Hardenbrook and Jordan Edsall of Garrett Indiana were the lucky wedding couple who chose to have Taylor Hicks sing at their wedding. Taylor sang The Right Place and it was one of his best performances.

February 15 2008 Taylor performed on ESPN for the McDonalds NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.

February 22 2008 Taylor received award from Alabama Music Hall of Fame

April 27, 2008 Taylor sang the National Anthem at Talladega Super speedway in Talladega, AL. It was aired on the fox network.

May 10th 2008 Taylor’s performed at Ona’s Music Room with Spoonful James

May 13th 2008 Taylor performed at The Hannah Home Charity Event, Boots, Blues and BBQ in Alabama

May 15th 2008 Mary Colurso at Birmingham News. Alerted us to the fact that Taylor Hicks was going to be in the Broadway production of “Grease” in the Teen Angel scene that was made famous by Frankie Avalon singing Beauty School Dropout

May 16th 2008 Taylor was on the Today show to announce his upcoming role in Grease.

May 17th 2008 Taylor on cruise ship in Italy for a week. Performing and motivational speaker.

June 6th 2008 Taylor started the role on Broadway as Teen Angel in Grease.

Remember when the news first released? Emotions were everywhere. Some loved the idea, others hated it, still others thought Taylor was selling out and others thought he was going to ruin is career. Now look at all the success Taylor is having as Teen Angel.

June 13th 2008 Taylor performed Beauty School Dropout on Regis and Kelly

June 14, 2008 Pocket Full of Soul Documentary about the Harmonica, starring Clint Black, James Cotton, Magic Dick (from the J. Geils Band), Taylor Hicks (from American Idol) and John Popper (from Blues Traveler among others and narrated by Heuy Lewis, was screened at the Maui Film Festival. The film was screened as a "work in progress" and was not in competition, so it wasn’t the premiere.

June 27th 2008 The New York Post reported that Taylor Hicks was worth $150,000 a week in sales for the Grease box office.

July 4th 2008 Taylor performed on The Capital Fourth special aired on PBS. Also on the show was Hewy Lewis who also can play a mean harp.

August 12th 2008 Taylor released his CD Early Works. It was a Target Exclusive.

September 14th 2008 Taylor left the Broadway Production of Grease in New York.

September 15th 2008 It was announced that Taylor Hicks would star as teen Angel in a National Tour of Grease starting December 2nd 2008.

October 1 2008 Taylor was updated and improved. There you find videos, music and info related to Taylor Hicks. Fans signed up over at the Soul Lounge to join fellow fans of Taylor Hicks to chat about any Taylor news and happenings.

October 7th 2008

1 Taylor Hicks turned 32.

2 Taylor partnered with Artist2 Market to release his Indie, sophomore album. The release date was Feb 17 2009 but that dates changes.

3) In the studio with producer Simon Climie (Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Faith Hill)

October 9th 2008 Taylor announced he would be cross-promoting his record within the `Grease' tour. He announced he would be singing a song from his album during the show.

Oct 28th 2008 Taylor left audio blog from France where he was doing pre-production for CD with Simon Climie

November 8th 2008 Whomp at the Warfield can be pre-ordered at Release date of Feb 10th.

November 24th 2008 Early works can be purchased from outlets online such as Amazon.

December 12th 2008 Taylor said in a interview he wrote with people such as Gary Nicholson in Nashville and a couple friends of his, Wynne Christian and Alan Little.

December 2nd 2008 Today was the beginning of the National Tour of Grease at the Providence Performing Arts Center in Providence, RI

December 3rd 2008 Fox 13 in Tampa aired a brief interview with Taylor. In the video Taylor sang a line from one his new songs.

December 4th 2008 A interview with Taylor on 92 PRO-FM radio in Providence R.I In the interview Taylor says his album title is The Distance.

December 10th 2008 Taylor speaks with Tim’s Travels and tells of some of the names he is working with on his album. Simon Climie (Eric Clapton, B.B King) as his producer. Nathan East who is Eric Clapton’s bass player plays on the album along with, ,Abe Laborial Jr who played with McCartney and Doyle Brammel

December 28th 2008

1 My Rocket Science’s news scroll bar says Taylor Hicks new album The Distance 3/10/09

2 My Rocket Science has news that Taylor’s new music video will be their early January

December 30th 2008 Broadway TV posted a piece about Taylor in Grease. Had 3 amazing things to say

1 Hicks saved GREASE from closing on Broadway during the summer of 2008.

2 Cast-mates when asked what it was like working with him, the answer was time and time again, “Taylor is great to work with!”

3 Following Taylor Hicks while he has been involved with Broadway in 2008, we can say he was a great addition and titled him “Rookie of the Year.” We look forward to seeing if Hicks will contribute to Broadway in 2009.

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Annie said...

Cindy: I think you've just about got it all there, but I think the Boots. Blues and BBQ should be included there as well as appearing at Ona's during the convention. This has been a fantastic year for Taylor, and I look forward to more exciting things in '09.

Annie said...

Oh, forgot... how about taking Teen Angel to the Regis and Kelly show?

poetcindy said...

Hi Annie Thanks for reminding of Onas, Hannah and I don't know how I skipped the Regis performance of Beauty School Dropout. Can not wait to see the news that 2009 brings

jerseyirish said...

The only other thing I remember in May didn't he do that Cruise ship to Italy? He had a very busy 2008, look forward 2009 and everything he brings to us.

poetcindy said...

Hi Jersey Thanks forgot about the Cruise ship. Also didn't put in about going to France to work with Simon. Got both added now. Yes was a busy 2008. 2009 should bring even more great News. Following Taylor keeps you on your toes.