Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Taylor Hicks is Going The Distance, But are we in the Twilight Zone?

January 5th I posted a picture and link to Rocket Science that was info on Taylor’s upcoming single coming out Jan 20th and the CD coming out March 10th. Then it was discovered that you could go to Amazon and hear a 30 second clip of “What’s Right is Right”. A song that I am very eager to hear the rest of.

Yesterday the play button was removed and you can no longer hear the single. Today it was discovered that Rocket Science took down the promotion page. So now all the info that was discovered has disappeared. Have we landed in the musical version of The Twilight Zone.

Did we all just have a very vivid premonition of events to come? Did we read and hear what we think we did? Or are we in the “Soul Patrol Twilight Zone?”

New and Amazing things are happening for Taylor. We the "fans of Taylor" and his amazing music" are going to benefit greatly from those things. That is absolutely NOT The Twilight Zone.


juliegr said...

You got that absolutely right. New and Amazing -- great buzz words for Taylor Hicks fans. Another to remember -- the buzzards will come out to try to fan some wars but we don't to bite on that bit of bait ~~ there are some great things in the offing. Enjoy them.