Monday, January 05, 2009

Taylor Hicks New Single What's Right is Right"

Rocket Science has a hidden goldmine of Taylor Hicks Information. We now have a single title ‘What’s Right is Right” There will a be a feature on Taylor in People and Entertainment Weekly. There will also be TV appearances with Leno, Regis and Kelly, Ellen, Rachael Ray and Craig Ferguson. Ryan Seacrest and other radio. Video Shoot Jan 12th for “What’s Right is Right” Hits AC Radio Jan 20th. Beautiful Pictures Below with info


toffee said...

I became a devoted fan of Taylor Hicks when I heard his voice on the AI competition. I hope that others will come to know and enjoy the wonderful talents of this man. I purchased his book, "A Heartful of Soul" and realized what a rocky road he has had to travel with no guarantees that his dreams could come true. He is a determined man, taken the bull by the horns, and has a plan in which he made some brilliant moves to further his career inspite of the nay-sayers. It looks like his star is going to shine. Yea for Taylor! It looks like 2009 will be a great year and he is getting more exposure which is a necessity in the entertainment business. His music and his smile of happiness brings brings joy to those of us who listen and watch him. It stirs our soul.

Trixi said...

Taylor indeed is going to be a busy man in the next few months. Wow... all shows he'll be on, I better start clearing my DVR to make room.

With all that info, the excitement is building.