Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is it Time for American Idol All Stars?

I would love to see a season of American Idol All Stars. Bring back the best of the best. Of course if I had my way it would definetly have Taylor, Bucky, Bo, Kelly , Kellie and Carrie among some others. But I am sure that will not happen. But I wrote an article asking if it is time to have an All Stars season? Other reality shows have done this so why not American Idol. It may be hard with the hustle and bustle of the respective careers of the American Idol Alum but it could be done. We know Taylor must have built in generators as we have seen him perform when we thought he would be to exhausted or sick to do it, I have also watched Bucky Covington put on shows one right after another so it can be done.

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