Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just Because I'm bored - Songs with Your Name- Hick Chicks?

Ok it is late and I'm bored so just for fun what songs have your name in them? My first choice with my name is a Elvis Presley song. If I had to choose one I'd like to hear Taylor sing it would be Cindy's Birthday. Further down find Hick songs

This one I was around 8 and I had a crush on a 16 year old boy my aunt who is a year older than me use to tease me about him. His name was Michael. She always played this real loud whenever he came to the house trying to embaress me. I had forgotten about this song until I was searching youtube for Cindy songs. Umm my oldest son's name is Michael wonder if it was my subconcious mind at work?

I also like Ricky Nelsons version of Cindy Cindy

Ok I searched for songs with taylor. No such luck found 3 though that have something to do with Hick or Hick Chicks

Just had to share this one

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