Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Taylor Hicks and Grease Reports From Opening Night

Last Night was the debut of the National tour of the Broadway hit Grease, starring Taylor Hicks as Teen Angel. Many were gathered at the Boogie Board waiting for play by play recaps. Excitement was in the air as we all sat at our pc’s waiting for news of the happenings of the night. Taylor and those in attendance had a outstanding opening night by all reports given.

Reports of the nights show include

The Providence Performing Arts theater in Providence, RI

Taylor will "probably" be using the "Grease" band for his shadow tour around the country.

The show seems better than New York. More Energetic, More fun! Huge applause after every single number.

Brian Gallagher (SAX) did some "work" with Taylor on his new CD.

Taylor will MORE THAN LIKELY be doing Buddy Guys in Chicago in January

John McDaniel Music director from the Rosie show was in attendance

Taylor got a FANTASTIC Response. The Ice Cream Cone is beautiful.

Frenchy & Taylor get along well in the show.

When Frenchy rubs his chest, instead of saying "I love you" she said "I voted for you."

Taylor looked HAPPY, TAN, RELAXED, & THIN!

He was wearing jeans, a beautiful sweater, & boots.

He is so happy about his new music. Complete control over the music, which is what he has wanted all along!

There was Harp during the Encore!

Encore - Grease is the word - his harp playing was much longer and they circled him - highlighted that. They also did Greased Lightnin' Encore.

The place was packed - and Taylor was without question - the STAR. He got the most applause.


jerseyirish said...

First time posting, great recap. All are reporting he was wonderful in the show. Loved the part about "I voted for you" what a nice touch!! Hope to see some pictures maybe later someone will post some.


poetcindy said...

Thanks for stopping by JerseyIrish.I to hope to see some pics soon. The I voted for you would have been even funnier if Taylor would not have been expecting that change. lol I can't wait to see the show for myself

Jodie said...

Hey Cindy!
Thanks for the update. I posyed this on my forum and told others to leave a somment. I agree the "I voted for you" would have been funnier if Tay didnt know about it... when r u going?

poetcindy said...

I plan to go on Dec 20th. Praying it works so I can and am taking my 14 yr old daughter to.