Monday, December 01, 2008

Taylor Hicks - New Interview says wrote with Gary Nicholson

A new interview with Taylor Hicks came out today and be read here. In the interview she asked

Did you collaborate with any writers on this album?

Taylors answer was

Yeah, I did actually. There were some writers in Nashville that I wrote with. And there were a lot of different styles of writers - one of the writers is Gary Nicholson in Nashville. Also a couple writers that are friends of mine, Wynne Christian and Alan Little. There are a lot of different people that have come together. I've been able to have the time to be able to really focus on what I feel a great song is.

So I researched Gary and found out that he has written or co-written several songs for many singers. So I went to you tube on the search of some of the songs that I could find. Videos of some songs are below. If you know of othes please leave the link here.

Can't Stop Now Reba Mcentire
(Gary Nicholson, Wendy Waldman

The Trouble with the Truth', which was a hit for Patty Loveless

Conway Twitty Hard Act to follow

One Good Love (Neil Diamond/Gary Nicholson)

Wynonna's Judd "Somebody to Love You";

Vince Gill's "One More Last Chance";

Montgomery Gentry's "She Couldn't Change Me";

Skin Deep Tom co-wrote with Buddy Guy and Gary Nicholson)

More Love Dixie Chicks . Music and lyrics by Gary Nicholson, Tim O'Brien

Tomorrow is the kick off for the National Tour of Grease. I can not wait for the great recaps and hopefully some audio/video

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cochem said...

Thanks cindy..I find all of these artists whether they are songwriters, musicians or producers and engineers just fascinating... I really think this is going to be a GREAT album for Taylor...and I hope we see your interview with A2M soon...

poetcindy said...

I find it all interesting as well. I have never been so involved in music as I have since 2006. I am hoping it gets published in next day or two. Its waiting for them just to get published. The holiday slowed everything down.

Annie said...

Hey Cindy.
This is great. But T find it exciting that he's writing with Wynn. I've always thought they're a great team, and make some great music together. That's what I'm waiting for now.

poetcindy said...

Me to I wish it was Feb already. With all the news its gonna feel like forever for Feb