Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Visit Back in Time

With the news that American Idol will be canceled, after one more season, it caused me to think of the season that I was most involved in. Season 5 I tuned in hoping there would be someone to grab my attention. This was to be a life changing moment of television for me. I look back on that time, and I was clueless as to what was getting ready to happen, and how involved I was going to be in trying to make sure one person won and became 2006’s American Idol. This will be a lengthy post, as I go through everything that transpired that season and how it changed my life. I might just break it up into a couple posts. Yes, a reality singing show, set things in motion that would forever change things for me and my future. It was all because of discovering the music of one man.

That one man was none other than the Season 5 American Idol winner Taylor Hicks. It changed his life without a doubt, but his fans lives were also changed. My story is just one story in a whole Soul Patrol fan base of stories.

 I was watching the show with my husband and kids, we saw a couple we thought were OK, but nothing really grabbed our attention. Then we saw a grey hair guy dancing and acting silly. To be honest we did not expect he would be good. Then the audition started. Simon asked him “Why are you here?” he replied “I want my voice heard.” I remember my husband laughed and said “Well, we don’t.” I told him to hush and just listen because he might be good. He started with Sam Cooke’s ‘A Change is Gonna Come.’ I loved it and even my husband said “Ok, he is bad.” Paula smiled and said “I did not expect that, you can sing, but she asked for a few seconds of something else. He sang “Suwanee River “, and I loved it. Thankfully, Randy and Paula saw Taylor’s talent and he made it through.

It wasn’t long and I was hooked. I went to the American Idol website to see what else I could find out about him. I went to the Taylor Hicks chat on the site and saw how many people were enjoying him as much as I was. The Soul Patrol is a strong fan base and we all came together with a purpose to see that Taylor Hicks became the next American Idol. Friendships were formed as well and even this many years later we still support Taylor, and lasting friendships have stayed as well.

The night Taylor won I was extremely happy and the whole Soul Patrol was ecstatic.
I had been writing about Taylor and the fan base for a while, but shortly before his CD was released I was given the opportunity to interview Taylor Hicks. I had never interviewed anyone in my life. I was super excited, and super nervous. I was fan girly and all, and when I listen to the interview now I realize how fan girly I sounded, but that interview was the start of a chain of events that was going to change my life. To be Continued…

It's time to start posting again

It has been about 4 years since I have posted here. I started college in 2010 and got my Bachelors in Journalism in April 2015. I was extremely busy studying, and became a grandma 3 times in the last 2 years. But now I am done with school and have some free time in between a couple different writing projects I do. So I am going to try start bringing Taylor's Poetic Heart back to life. See you all soon.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Journey to Where I am Now

October 19 will mark one year that I started college. I think back and realize that basically the journey to end up going after a college degree in Journalism and Mass Communications started in 2006. Though I have always been interested in getting a degree in Journalism I never really thought of pursuing it. But in 2006 I discovered Taylor Hicks on American Idol. At the time I didn’t really consider this a big deal. I had also voted for Carrie Underwood. However, with Taylor even after he won, I still followed him and wrote about what was going on with him. I then got the chance to interview him. That was not only very exciting for me; I also realized I loved doing that type of thing. (Interviewing Musicians) I started contacting other musicians and requesting to interview them. From Bucky Covington, Chubby Checker, Trace Adkins, Kevin Bacon, Luke Bryan, Casey James, to independent and sometimes lesser known musicians such as Judd Starr.

One thing I realized is that I really thought they needed more promotion than they were getting. I always focus on the good; I don’t care to dig up dirt on them. So then I started realizing not only did I enjoy writing about them, but I very much enjoyed being able to promote them and introduce them to more people who would support them.

Last year I was trying to figure out how I could best do that and I realized that even though I had a huge passion to do this and some knowledge on how to do it. I needed an education to learn more. So I searched for colleges that offered classes that would allow me to write, and or be a publicist.

I discovered Ashford University and after speaking with them I realized Journalism and Mass Communications would give me the tools I need to become a better writer, and hopefully when it is done to ultimately become a music publicist. I have very much enjoyed this first year, and I feel like I have learned a lot already, especially the ethical side of journalism.

I cannot wait to finish my degree and get on with the next phase of my life. This whole journey started by watching a gray hair guy on television, who captured my attention, and made me realize that we can all see our dreams come true if we just reach out for them.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Taylor Hicks Concert Review Oct 13 Akron Ohio

Let me just start this out by saying I have been a huge fan of Taylors since I first saw him on Idol. Like all fans of Taylor’s I have followed his career and been excited at all new things Taylor does and been upset when sometimes some seem to attack him for no reason or try to find ways to bring him down. The ride since 2006 has been amazing and I looking forward to all the new things the future has to hold. In 2007 I went to a concert in Columbus Ohio, and I loved it Taylor was amazing and I was thrilled at the idea of making it to another show. I kept on writing about Taylor, taking any chance I had to interview him and enjoying being a fan. It seemed every time I planned to go to another show something happened.

If I didn’t end up with a sick child, or no money to get the show then someone would hit my car in Wal-Mart parking lot the night before a show again stopping me from getting to a show. But I none of that dampened my spirits as far as being a fan and following all news and videos or televisions show that included Taylor.

So when I saw Akron Ohio listed as a place Taylor would be appearing at I started making my plans to get to this show. Then I got sick. I was so worried I would not be well in time but thankfully in a couple days I was just fine. But yes my luck starting acting up again. The Friday before the concert my starter went out on my car. Oh well 160 dollar part and I’m up and running again.

Thursday May 12 we packed and Friday morning My daughter, my niece, my son, My sons girlfriend and I packed the car and we were on our way.

Now I am from a small town in southern Ohio. My husband hates to travel so we don’t travel much and the places we have traveled to were just highway driving. I knew the freeway and as my GPS kept pointing out the Motorways was not going to be so simple to drive.

When we hit freeway 270 my niece took over driving. She drives crazy anyway sp going 80 MPH was fine by her. We had a couple scary moments but we made it to Akron City Centre hotel in about 4 hrs. We circle Akron about 3 times before we actually got the correct ramp to get in. If I never hear the word Motorway from my GPS again I won’t complain. We check in and get unpacked and I started calling the fellow soul patrollers who also were in town for the show, and find out we were staying at the same place. Its within walking distance and that is why we chose it. My group likes to walk verses driving. Of course the kids with me want to go swimming so we head up to the pool. It’s not long before they are ready to head back to the room.

By the time everyone gets something to eat and gets ready for the show which is to start at 9pm it is nearly 8 pm. We take off walking to the venue. Thankfully the rain held off and we enjoy walking to the show.

We go in and as we are walking to find seats I hear someone yelling my name. I see Linda and she introduces me to Mary, Allison, Diane and I know there were more but I can’t remember them all but it was so great to meet you all.
So my group and I go to find a place to sit. Luckily we got the last table and we sit and anxiously await for Taylor to take the stage. I went to the merchandise line and bought a shirt and cosie and go the kids cosy's. My camera is set (thanks Linda for the extra batteries) and my camcorder is ready.

There was a brief opener by a guy named Andy with a band called Dolson. He came over to table afterwards and asked if we were all fans of Taylor’s? I told him I was the main fan but that the kids would be before we left. He told them I will tell you one thing Taylor Hicks is a very, very nice man. He is a really good guy and even let me use his equipment. He stood and talked to us for awhile asking the kids what kind of music they like etc.

Then Taylor’s band came out on stage and it was time for the man we had been waiting for to take the stage.

The cheers and applause was loud and my daughter said geez Mom they love him lol I said well of course.

Taylor started with Compared to What. I had heard it many times on YouTube but in person is so much better. You could tell everyone was having a great time. I loved it. Sitting in a small bar like venue with a margarita with Taylor on stage I was a very happy person. I have never been one, who liked bars of any kind, but this was a different experience and to hear Taylor I would go in any bar.

I was hoping the whole time my camcorder would get good sound and BTW it did. I am still trying to get it all converted to share. I taped it all with the help of the kids taking turns recording so I could enjoy the show without a camera in my face. They don’t like me calling them kids but since 44 and they are 16-20 they are kids, plus two of them were my kids lol.

I loved all of the songs he sang but my favorites were Compared to what, What’s Right is Right, Back to Louisiana, Maybe You Should which half way into the song I heard my sons girlfriend tell him I love this song it’s so pretty, Nineteen is another fave and my son loved it as well.

During Seven Mile Breakdown the kids go outside for my niece to smoke a cigarette. When the song ended Taylor left the stage and went out the same door they did. Before he came Back to sing the Encore My City was Gone a Pretenders cover. I loved this it was amazing. A great song to close the concert in Ohio with.

The kids came back in right as he started singing it and my daughter whispered in my ear hey Mom I think Taylor has a cute butt. My son later told me that while they were outside he was on the phone with my other son and he looked up and Taylor Hicks was standing beside him took a drink of water and ran back in the building. He said I’m talking to Mike and I look beside me and Taylor Hicks is standing there and I thought what the heck.

So the concert ends and I was so very glad we didn’t let anything stop us and we went the show. A long line forms and the kids don’t want to stand in line so they ask to just sit at table and wait till line gets smaller. When the line finally reaches our table the girls and I get in line. My son refused to get his picture taken but said he would video us meeting Taylor.

So when it comes our turn I hand Taylor a book I had made for him and he thanks me leafs thorugh it and sits it down he starts to sign my shirt and asks my name. I tell him Cindy he looks up says well hi Cindy how have you been. He asked if I liked the show and I told yes he did great. I told him I brought my kids and my daughter is standing behind me. We get ready to get picture taken and he tells my daughter do you know you have a cool Mom here? That made me feel good and she thought it was cool he said that.

Then the kids get their autographs and group Pic with Taylor. I thank him as we walk and he says thanks to me and we are own our way back to the hotel. I wanted to go to the pizza shop with the group who were going there after the show but the kids are tired so we just head back to our room.

I had a blast and before summer is over I am already planning to go to another show. Taylor is amazing entertainer, A great guy and very good to his fans. It took 5 years before I met Taylor but it the wait was well worth it and just made me admire him even more and the kids had a great time as well just like I knew they would.

I will have more in-depth concert review published soon and when it is I will post link to it.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Taylor Hicks on Jimmy Fallon

Taylor Hicks on Jimmy Fallon was a great performance. It has been a long while since I have updated my blog. I have not forgotten Taylor Hicks as anyone who knows me will verify. I have just been so busy with other things online plus my family I haven;t had much time for the blog. So what did everyone think about Taylor and everyone else on Fallon performing Rebbecca Blacks "Friday" on April 1. I thought it was very fun and great performance. I loved when Taylor slid his way on stage. I did not get to see the live show of the performance as I was at the ER with my daughter but I set my DVR and have watched it on the NBC site many times. I hope to be seeing more of Taylor Hicks on TV. The only thing better than seeing Taylor on TV is seeing him in concert. I hope to make it to a show this spring or summer. Below and above you will see some screen caps I captured of the show.