Thursday, October 26, 2006

Taylor Hicks Quizzes

Fans of Taylor Hicks know quite a bit about him. But do we know everything, or do we remember as much as we think? I have found a few Taylor Hick’s quizzes. What better way to test fans knowledge of their Idol Taylor Hicks. These Taylor Hicks quizzes are easy questions. However, there may be a question or too even the most devote fan might not know the answer to. Either way it is just fun to take a quiz now and then, and what better quiz to take then about Taylor Hicks. After you take this quizzes would love for you to come back and comment. Especially if you do run into a question that stumped you. Let’s have fun with these and get a discussion going about Taylor Hicks quizzes. The links are below.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Hollywood Nights is set to release another video this Friday of Taylor Hicks singing Holly wood Nights. Bob Seger first made this song popular. Now fans are thrilled to be able to hear Taylor Hicks version of Hollywood Nights. During the American Idol tour Taylor sang this song and fans loved it. However, so many of us that didn’t get to attend the tour shows are thrilled for our chance to hear Taylor sing this song. is sharing videos with the public of Taylor Hicks rehearsing at the studio for his upcoming CD and private shows that he will be doing. Hollywood Nights as been one the most talked about songs that Taylor sang on tour and getting to see and hear him sing, clearly without background noise interfering, is sure to be a real treat.

Taylor Hicks is able to take any song he sings and make it his own song. His voice is soothing to the ears and no matter the mood you are in you can’t help but smile when you hear this southern, charming man open his mouth and sing. Taylor’s enthusiasm, enjoyment and love of music is contagious to anyone around him and any one within ear shot. Hollywood Nights is sure to be a hit at with The Soul Patrol once again racing to the site on Friday to get another glimpse of Taylor Hicks our American Idol and future legend.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks New CD

A press release was just released this morning from Arista records. Taylor Hicks New CD that is due for release on December 5th 2006 is being produced by The Grammy Award winning producer Matt Serletic. Taylor Hicks new CD is being highly anticipated by fans. December 5th can not come soon enough.

In the press release Taylor says that Matt Serletic gets where Taylor is coming from and Taylor says he completely respects the mans smarts. Matt gets Taylor and fans are thrilled with the news. Matt Serletic says Taylor is phenomenal vocalist and experienced artist. This is not news to Taylor fans. It is just great to know that Taylor Hicks New CD is being handled by such a great producer.

Matt Serletic has worked with some great artists such as Areosmith, Matchbox 20 and more. Taylor Hicks New CD will be one to surely be on the watch for. John Mayer has worked with Taylor also on this CD. John Mayer did the music and Taylor wrote the lyrics. This song is one fans are anxiously waiting to hear. Taylor Hicks CD is set to set The Soul Patrol on fire. You can bet that once it releases the boards will be on fire from fans posting. The excitement for this CD is one that I bet hasn’t happened in a very long time. Something about Taylor Hicks just creates emotion and excitement in people that haven’t felt this way since the days of Elvis and the Beatles.

To read the press release, click on the above title to be redirected.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Taylor Hicks: The Soul Patrol is becoming very popular to the Soul Patrol. Friday we got our Taylor Hicks fix, which we have been craving. When aired the videos, of two of Taylor’s song that he played while rehearsing, Hell of a Day and What’s Going On. Not only did we get to see these wonderful videos but we are told there will more footage of the rehearsals that Taylor did. The Soul Patrol is anxiously awaiting the upcoming videos and putting our two cents in of what we would like to see next.

The one thing that all members of The Soul Patrol agree on is, give us any video of Taylor. As one fan put it “I would enjoy hearing Taylor read the phone book as long as he put a few growls in it.” Why has Taylor Hicks become so popular? Why does he have such a huge and strong fan base? One thing for sure is we do love to hear this man sing. His voice is truly heaven. However, this is not all there is to our love and support of Taylor. He embodies what all women feel a man should be. He cares deeply for his fans, he keeps us in the know of what is going on, he is gentleman (the world really seems to be lacking those kind of men now a days) and he puts his heart into his music and entertaining his fans, he enjoys what he does and his excitement is contagious.

The Soul Patrol supported Taylor Hicks from the beginning of American Idol and his fan base grew everyday, and continues to still grow each day. The Soul Patrol is a force to be reckoned with and will stick beside Taylor, all through his long career.