Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bucky Covington

This blog is about all things Taylor Hicks. I am a huge supporter of Taylor. I think he is very talented and his career has just begun. I do however support a lot of artists. One such artist is Bucky Covington. Anyone who knows me knows that I like Bucky almost as much…no change that… Bucky Covington is country music, rocking country music so I would say I like him just as much as I do Taylor.

Last summer I saw Bucky twice. Went for a third but got upset at some things that happened and left before the concert started. I could still kick myself over that. You can vote for Bucky Covington’s song a Different World for the CMT Music Awards.
Country Music Fans, Click to Vote for Your Favorite Artists & Videos.

So if you like Bucky go vote for him and if you haven’t heard him check him out.

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