Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snore No More

In the last few years I have started snoring. This is a problem faced by many people. My husband says it is so bad he can not even sleep with me. I admit my snoring has even woken me on occasion. Recently I got the Anti snor Therapeutic Ring. I was very skeptical about this working. How could a ring possibly stop my noises when I sleep? I have used the ring about 12 nights. My husband has not been able to sleep all night in the room with me for a couple years. Since I started using the ring he did manage to stay in the bedroom all night a couple nights. He said my snoring as quieted a little but not enough. So I cannot say for sure if the ring works or not. I am sure results will be different for different people. I may have some sleeping disorder and have an appointment to be tested. Since my husband did spend a couple full nights in the bedroom I am assuming it must work some. I have had a couple people I know that tried it and said it worked for them. Like all products for people who snore it is just up to each person to find the product that works for them or go to the doctor and see if their are health problems causing the problems.