Thursday, March 27, 2008

Love, Loss, Distraction - Music

We all have friends in our life that we loose contact with over the years. We often think of them and wonder how their life is? That is how it was with me with my friends Sam and Sheila. I met them when I was almost 21 years old. They were my neighbors and seeing as we were the only ones in the neighborhood that were around the same age we became fast friends. My husband had walked out on me and my 1 year old son so their company was one I treasured. They also had a son my son’s age. The boys loved having someone to play with.

We even moved into together to share expenses. After awhile they moved out of state. I remarried a great man and we lost contact for a little while. My husband had gone to school with Sam and eventually we found each other again.

Sheila was someone I could tell my secrets to or discuss any problem with. Sam was the guy who would not let you be sad or depressed. He would do anything he could to cheer you up and it worked. If you needed something and Sam could help you he would be right there to do that.

About 5 years ago I lost contact with them again. I thought of them often and wondered how they and their kids were doing, but I knew no way to contact them. Last week Sheila found me on myspace. She sent me a message saying she needed to tell me something. I saw on her myspace that her daughter is expecting a baby. So when I gave Sheila my number I figured she was calling to tell me that.

Sheila called and asked how I was doing. I in turn asked how they were all doing. I got the shock of my life when she told me that she had lost Sam last March. I was so shocked I started to cry and then fought to get myself under control and asked her what had happened.

She had to compose herself to tell me. Sam was only 40 years old and he had never had heart problems that they knew of except an occasional slight pain. He went to play basketball with her cousin and on their way walking back home he had a heart attack and died. We never know how much time we have on earth but such a sudden death of a person, a young person on top of that is so unexpected. I the blink of an eye Sheila’s and the children’s life has been forever changed.

Sheila and I talked about some other things and Taylor Hicks got brought up. Sheila informed me that Sam loved Taylor Hicks. That may not seem like such a big deal however to me it is. Not many around me understand my support of Taylor. But now I know I had a friend who got Taylor. It saddens me that I didn’t get to talk with Sam about Taylor.

Sam may be gone but he will live on in Sheila’s Memory and that of their son and daughter. Sheila and Sam were married many years. There was a lot of love in that marriage. I know Sheila was devastated to loose her Sammie. I told Sheila she needs to find things to get interested in to take her mind off her loss at least for a little while;

I then did some self assessment. I think part of the reason I am such a huge fan of Taylor Hicks is because he is my distraction for the bad things in life or in times of turmoil. I lost my Dad in March 1999 (March is a sad month). I have never quite gotten over the loss of my Dad, but when I saw Taylor Hicks on American Idol I not only loved what I heard and saw, I knew my Dad would have loved Taylor to. Whenever I am feeling depressed I put in one of Taylor’s CDS or go online and watch a video. This is a sure way to put a smile on my face at least for a little while. We all need a distraction that takes us away from the stresses of life for a little while.


Soul Reporter said...

Your post is very touching, Cindy. I'm happy that you reconnected with your friend Sheila even in such an unhappy circumstances. I'm sure she needed to hear your voice.

Taylor is indeed a distraction at times from the messy world we live in. I'm sure most of us have a story of how Taylor's music has carried us through a tough time or two. Music has a way of doing that.