Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just my Thoughts

We need a new Taylor Hicks CD, concerts, Concert DVD or something to get Taylor Hicks’ fan base back on track. It seems there is always some kind of turmoil or another going on everyday. Fans of other artists are attacking Taylor fan boards disguising themselves as a Taylor Hicks fan. They are doing this to destroy the Soul Patrol. It is obvious to all that pay attention that the goal is to bring the fan base down and hopefully in turn it will bring Taylor’s support down which in turn will assure his career goes down in flames. The Soul Patrol needs to unite and support Taylor and all things Taylor while he is out creating music for his next CD. The best way to do this is to ignore those that are out to destroy the SP. Ignore anything negative. I know that is easier said than done. It is human nature to defend what you care about. But in this case it just keeps it going. People that are out to disrupt, cause trouble and belittle Taylor and his fans are the same as a bully. They will keep at it as long as there is someone to fight with.

But just like a bully if they are ignored (yes I know Kick a bully’s ass and he will stop… this is online, kind of hard to kick a virtual ass don’t you think?) if they are ignored no matter what they say then they soon grown tired and bored and move on to something more interesting.

There is another way to look at it. Like they say any publicity is better than no publicity. If someone is talking about something whether it is good or bad it will create interest. Yes bad publicity may cause some problems but it will also create a interest and people that choose to use to use their own mind to decide what they like, dislike, agree with or disagree with may just decide that “Hey that Taylor Hicks is good.”

Arguing with someone set on causing trouble is like running on treadmills instead of riding a bicycle, thinking you will arrive at your destination. Ok I know lame comparison but the whole idea of causing trouble in a fan base and to a artist who has never done a thing to you is about the lamest thing a person can waste their time doing.