Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Taylor Fan World - We Need a CD

I can not wait for Taylor to emerge with his new CD. Not only do I need a Taylor fix, but we need to divert attention back to what is important, because some fan blogs are causing google alerts to go out that show the fans as being pretty silly. It seems some people put too much time into what girl Taylor is or isn’t dating. Worse yet one site wants to make it seem as though he committed the automate crime. Now they even brag that the national media is getting involved. Not because this story is something unusual in the celebrity world, but because the fans are so involved in it. This site is excited over this. Come on get real “if” this goes nationwide it is just going to show that site and the defense sites as being silly. So once again Taylor’s fans are going to come off looking nuts.

I won’t deny that is true for some. All fan bases have some over the top fans. However this will just label the whole fan base that way. The site who started all this crap probably needs some affordable life insurance because they have exerted their self so much in trying to prove Taylor a liar, no correction they wanted to be the center of attention and they got that, but all this had to do some damage to their heart, because really can you do this crap to a person and not feel some guilt. I am sure their conscience has to be telling them how wrong it all is. They would never admit to it though.